Chiropractic Testimonials

"I am happy to say that all my fears have been removed when it comes to certain doctors! This place is very pleasant and everyone is warm and welcoming! They’re honest people too! Thank you"

- Tenetta B.

"Amazing atmosphere. Spent the last 4 years with doctors telling me nothing was wrong. A few months with Dr.Jim and I’m feeling like a new person."

- Donavan G.

"Great atmosphere all the time. Dr. Jim and team care about the whole person. Great to find a team that actually listens to your concerns and provides realistic solutions. Appreciate the care and honesty of my care and health. This place is a true blessing for me and my health."

- Tawnia N.

"I’ve been going for a few months and I’m already feeling a difference."

- Joshua G.

"Very comprehensive prognosis and treatment plan for long term fix to years of back pain."

- Tom S.

"Very thorough concerned for my overall being."

- Glenn C.

"I feel better that I can finally get back to what I love to do."

- Zeke S.

"Todos en esta oficina son muy amables cervicales y el servicio excelente."

- Maricela O.

"It's great to come here and see people getting better and helping each other, not your normal doctor's office. Dr. Krysten does an amazing job!"

- Kiara B.

"The Elevation Health office is amazing! No more migraines!"

- K. V.


- Angela W.

"Great experience."

- Koh B.

"Friendly staff!"

- Lynn G.

"The sole purpose of Dr. Jimmy and his awesome staff is to help you be holistically healthy not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. I am so grateful that they care so much."

- Luis O.

"When I first came in my back almost felt like it was shattered but after a month of continuously going to this establishment my back is never felt better A man named Dr. Jim is the guy to go to."

- Chris L.

"Always excellent!"

- Vickie W.

"All of the staff is wonderful! Dr. Jim is very professional and caring. My family and I have been coming to see him for years."

- Rachel S.

"Had some stiffness in neck and tightness in left calf and it was all worked out at the end."

- George C.

"Unexpectedly after only a few months of treatment, my knees no longer hurt during downhill descents when backpacking."

- Michael S.

"Uplifting Christian music, completely sanitized, friendly as all get out!!!"

- Francisco S.

"This has been the best chiropractic experience I have had. Everyone is so nice and knows everyone’s name by heart. Dr. Jim is truly invested in all his patients."

- Stephanie S.

"I love it here."

- Rebeca S.

"Do you know you could get rid of migraine back pain and knee pain just like that? Do yourself a favor and go visit EH Medical! I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. Starting from the top-down everyone is so amazing at that office. They made me feel special and comfortable. I've been treating at eh Medical for a while now and the results have been nothing short but amazing.

Daily debilitating migraine is now rare and mild! Dr Labrecque discovered I had scoliosis and treated it so I gained 1.5 inch in height. My family has been relieved of asthma, vasovagal disorder, back pain, brain fog, shoulder pain. Just go there and get checked! My whole family highly recommends them."

- Maria C.

"Shot of B vits in left arm. Good adjusting & counsel treated royally."

- Glenn C.

"Awesome as always. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always great to be here."

- James H.

"We love Dr Jimmy and the staff here at Elevation Health. I’ve been coming for almost 2 years and it is a world of difference for me, no more daily headaches and migraines. Many other pains are gone or almost gone. So glad we found them!"

- Anne B.

"This team was amazing! Very thorough. The front desk staff was very receptive and top notch bedside manner. Dr K and Dr Jim were excellent, and Dean was very knowledgeable with my rehab. After 3 months- my initial problem was gone and I’m in so much better shape than before I came in. Definitely would recommend to all friends and family."

- Nikki S.

"Everything went smoothly!"

- Steven E.

"The over all in office experience was pleasant, but there was a bit of confusion on my initial appointment. No clear direction on where to sit and extended waiting was frustrating. After I had gone to see them 4 times - which is totally not a problem because I appreciate their diligence and desire to see what all is going on with me physically before suggesting a treatment plan (hence the 4 stars) - I started getting calls from them asking if I wanted to take advantage of the new patient exam. I had to explain to them on the phone 3 different times and once by text that I’m an established patient. FRUSTRATING! I finally somehow convinced them that I am a patient and they stopped calling. I plan to go back when the current circumstances are over for treatment."

- Brandy F.

"After a month of so of treatment, the pain in my knee I had experienced going downstairs or while hiking was gone. I had endured this knee pain for years, but have been pain-free in my knees now for the past few years."

- Michael S.

"Three Stars!"

-Earl B.

"Office staff are the nicest kind professionals that go to great lengths to make sure your needs are met. The office is clean and sanitized which makes me feel comfortable and safe. As for Dr Jim, he is very kind and compassionate. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and acts upon them. This is very important act for me. This confirms he cares about his patients. I am so glad that I met them by chance. Thank you!"

- Jessica C.

"The EH Medical team delivers top-notch treatment and services! The team is very knowledgeable in their Core 4 system along with many other life changing skills. My headaches and body pains have all near disappeared and I have the wonderful EH team to thank. Your patience and kindness have made the process so enjoyable."

- Steph D.



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