Trigger Point Injections
in North Richland Hills

If a trigger point is causing your pain, EH Medical has the answer you have been looking for.

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Are you looking for Trigger Point Injections in North Richland Hills?

The expert team at EH Medical can customize your treatment to get you the pain relief you are looking for. They will customize a regenerative medicine program to deliver the best health outcomes possible. Your medical clinician lets you know exactly what to expect before the procedure starts so you can relax and stay informed about your healing process.

Chiropractic North Richland Hills TX Trigger Point Injection


If a trigger point is causing your pain, EH Medical injects it with a medication to help relieve it. This injection helps to reduce inflammation and tension in the area so your body can heal.

Because your body can use mesenchymal stem cells, PRP, and trigger point injections to kickstart its natural healing processes, regenerative medicine is effective for a number of conditions.

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