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medically supervised weight loss in North Richland Hills

This weight loss program in North Richland Hills is an alternative to the wide variety of diet plans available today. While many of the most popular diets have adapted to offer support as you follow them, they can’t compare with the program at EH Medical.

The EH Medical weight loss program varies from other diets in two significant ways.

  • First, you don’t just get support from others on a diet or some program lead. You get supervision, accountability, guidance, and encouragement from a medical professional. This helps you stay motivated while ensuring you’re not making any choices that could impede your weight loss.
  • Secondly, your weight loss program is tailored to you. When you choose EH Medical, your provider starts the program by talking with you about your food preferences, what you usually eat, how much you exercise, and any food sensitivities. Using all of this unique-to-you information, they build your weight loss program, customizing it to your body, preferences, and goals.

Will I have to diet and exercise?

Yes. Weight loss always comes down to burning more calories than you consume. That said, you won’t have to deprive yourself with this weight loss program. In fact, the nutritional counseling you get during it ensures you’re getting the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other essential nutrients you need. This way, you feel great throughout the program.

As you get nutritional counseling throughout your weight loss program, your EH Medical provider works with you to make more than short-term changes. Instead, they teach you how to make food choices that leave you feeling satisfied while giving your body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn’t.

Additionally, your EH Medical provider works with you to find a type of exercise you enjoy. You don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill if you hate it. They explore alternate forms of exercise - anything from yoga to boxing - to help you find a physical activity that you don’t dread.

Will the results last?

During your weight loss program, your EH Medical provider works with you to establish healthy habits. If you stick with those habits after your program ends, you’ll see that maintaining your results is easy. To get started with supported, sustainable weight loss, call EH Medical or request your appointment online today.